Henry VIII's Wives
Beauty of the Land, We Live In a Beautiful Land
Karlsruhe, 18 Feb 2005 - 14 May 2005
Press release
Exhibition view
Romantic Detachment, 2004
2 screen film installation, colour, sound, 12 min. loop
this video (in three parts) centres around two blind women in a meandering conversation about life experiences  and morality - good and evil. Their words however are not their own. The 'good' side of the dialogue is taken from interviews with Community leaders and Church Representatives in northern england, the 'bad' is from Drug dealers and Prison Inmates of that same area.  Overheard And evesdropped, transcribed and recorded, The dialogue is reassmbled by Henry Viii’s wives, and prompted to the two lay actresses.  ‘Spiral Betty’ was  filmed in the offices of the DAAD Building, New York, against a backdrop of The Trump Tower and the United Nations. First shown in PS1 Gallery, NYC, as part of the exhibition 'Romantic Detachment', 2004
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